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Let me tell you about my friend Pema. He works the evening shift at the Subway across the street from my apartment. Whenever I step into the store for dinner, he’ll always be there – happily making sandwiches for whoever is in line. Every time… Read More

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Food Review: Restaurant Dubrovnik

The best part about travelling is undoubtedly the food. While I love cheap eats like food karts and roadside stalls, there’s something about eating somewhere fancy that just feels really satisfying. During my recent trip to Croatia, Restaurant Dubrovnik located in Old Town Dubrovnik served… Read More

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Hi! I’m Robert, welcome to my blog 🙂 . I’m a happy go-lucky Canadian currently working as a Software Engineer for Snapchat in New York City. I figure having a blog would be a great place to put down my thoughts about food, traveling, tech… Read More